BirdFender Bimini/Boom Set with 6/18 Pylons, Multiple Colors


    Works permanently, no wind required, stormproof and safe from theft. It is very light, generates no puddles and makes no rotational noise. There is hardly any extra space required to stow the tarpaulin. Made for Do-It-Yourself installation.



    BirdFender™ – For Boat Covers, Awnings, Biminis and Booms

    • Can’t get lost
    • Swiss Quality Design
    • Highly effective
    • Easy to use
    • Cost efficient
    • One-time installation


    Bird droppings is dirt that attacks your boat and a risk for your health not only when it comes to the bird-flu. There are several ways to keep seagulls away from awnings and biminis. The most effective one is to make the boat uncomfortable for birds.

    The BirdFender™ protects even the edges and corners of your awning from Seagulls. The one-time installation is similar to the attachment of plastic rivets. Thereafter, it will remain the same handling of your awning as the elastic thread and pylons will simply lay flat when preparing the boat for a ride. They get back into the protecting position when tension the tarpaulin on the boat and bother the gulls again. Patent pending.

    Available in 2 colors: Virgin White and Power Gray.

    Pylone Faden

    Choose between the color and the number of pylons. The Awning-Set contains of 18 pylons, 90m/300ft long thread, while the Bimini-Boom-Set has only 6 pylons and 30m/100ft long thread. All sets come with instructions and the special punch tool that has a side bore for pressing and snap-in of the pylon covers. Not included for the installation are a hammer, a flat wood for the punching and a pen for marking the designated pylon positions on the awning.

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    Virgin White, Power Gray


    6 Pylons & 30m/100ft Threat, 18 Pylons & 90m/300ft Threat